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Permanent Lips

We offer two lip procedures Lip Liner (liner only) & Full Lip Color (liner and full lip color). Did you know that about 90% of women extend at least one part of their lip with lip liner? Permanent Lip procedures can give lips a more even shape and can slightly enlarged the lips if desired by the client. Lip liner and full lip color corrects asymmetry and adds definition and fullness. Best of all, it won't rub off!
Permanent Lip Color Before & After Photo's
Please be aware that after the procedure lips may be a little swollen the permanent cosmetics will appear to be very dark for about 2-3 days until the heal and peel process is complete. After this stage your lips will appear over 50% lighter it will look very natural and subtle. In most cases women prefer to go a little larger than their natural lip.
Before                                         Immediately After
Permanent Lip Liner Before & After Photo's
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