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Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows is a must have procedure for anyone who has little or no eyebrow hair. Any woman who uses an eyebrow pencil will love having permanent eyebrows! Permanent Eyebrows always look natural and does not need to be applied everyday like your eyebrow pencil. Any color shade or style can be achieved and with the guidance and recommendations of the Technician. The client participates and observes all the developments of the procedure to achieve the exact and precise shape, color, and contrast he or she desires.
Permanent Eyebrows Before & After Photos
Please be aware when viewing the photos that permanent cosmetics will appear to be dark for about 2-3 days until the "heal and peel" process is completed. After this stage the eyebrows will appear very natural and subtle.
Before                                            Immediately After
 Color & Shape Correction
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